System-wide Operational Execellence

Measure and achieve business performance that is greater than the sum of the parts.

Optimize corporate and human performance for deployed strategic assets.

Identify, protect and leverage intangible and tangible assets as well as financial assets. 


Total System View

Operational Excellence requires a Total System View moving beyond the inner core of the business to addressing the overlapping subsystems -- (1) customers, (2) partners / suppliers, (3) products / services, (4) technologies, and (5) organization including employees, executives, Board and contractors.

Impact & Results

  • Revenue enhancement
  • Recurring revenue creation
  • Operational cost efficiencies
  • Cost & risk reduction
  • IP monetization
  • Reduced asset churn

Reducing Complexity

Assets are assets and processes are processes, regardless of the industry or market being served. Across even large organzations, normally 30 core assets and 20 critical processses determine peak performance.  Addressing these assets and processes provides the greatest operating leverage. 

What One of our Clients had to say

Your insights into the behavior of systems and people are remarkable.  These talents coupled with your results-oriented approach make you a valuable asset indeed.

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Added Resources
  • Management Services
  • Management Consulting
  • Analytics

Organizations are often siloed by functional, project-based and out-sourced accountabilities. Achieving operational excellence requires a multidisciplinary approach drawing all available resources together.  System Change addresses this challenge by developing a Global View of the core assets and critical processes of the business, and a Lifecycle view of these same assets.  An individualized Expert Model is designed that diagnoses and initiates process improvement opportunities. Executives are thereby empowered to manage their operations system-wide in ways never before obtainable.

System Change Expert Model