High-Value Services

We provide services that augment and leverage management and resources within organizations: 

  • Management Consulting:  (1) Program management, (2) Reassessing and upgrading business models, strategies, and plans, (3) Analyzing and leading system-wide process and culture change
  • Assessments:  (1) Due Diligence, (2) Operational, (3) Product and Intellectual Property-Based
  • Management Services:  Interim CEO, COO, CTO and General Counsel

Impact & Results

The operational improvement process we implement is results-driven, tailored to the needs of our clients for revenue and margin improvement, improved cost effiiciencies and financial returns. We achieve these results through:

  • Applied Leadership
  • Team Development
  • Focus & Execution
  • Transformative Changes
  • Iterative Process Improvement
  • Improved Communications
  • Program Management

Your insights into the behavior of systems and people are remarkable.  These talents coupled with your results-oriented approach make you a valuable asset indeed.

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Our Value-Add
  • Management Consulting
  • Business Assessments
  • Management Services

Organizations are often constrained by functional, project-based, and out-sourced accountabilities. Achieving operational excellence requires a multidisciplinary approach drawing all available resources together.  Our company addresses this challenge by developing a global view of the core assets and critical processes of the client’s business, as well as a lifecycle view of these same assets.  We design and implement operational models that diagnose and initiate process improvement opportunities. Executives are thereby empowered to manage their operations cross-functionally with the human and customer-facing assets that matter most for sustaining superior business performance.

Leadership Model in Andover, MA

Our End-to-End Systems Approach

Regardless of the industry or market, assets and processes share similar properties that we can identify in order to improve revenues, cost efficiencies and organizational effectiveness. Across even a large organization, for example, there are normally 30 core assets and 20 critical processes that determine that organization’s peak performance. By identifying and addressing these assets and processes, we aim to maximize operating leverage and financial results.

What One of our Clients had to say

Performance at the      Operating Margin

Our Highly Experienced Executive Team


At System Change, we provide management consulting and transitional leadership nationally for supporting our clients in achieving operational excellence.  Our unbiased, third-party examination of assets, processes and systems allows us to establish new priorities, unlock revenue opportunities, and resolve operational bottlenecks.


Most consulting teams focus on "what to do," whereas we take it to the next level of Execution in "how to do it."  Operating individually with our clients, or as a team, we understand how to perform rapid assessment and then to engage the entire organization in obtaining buy-in to achieve performance improvement through specific actions. Our hands-on process ensures that measurement is established and well-monitored, systems upgraded and that no detail goes overlooked.  Our work across a broad spectrum of industries, business models and technologies combined with expertise in operational and financial management, product development, technology, legal counsel, and other key areas, ensures our team is ready to take on our clients’ specific challenges.

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