Process for Operational Excellence


Maintaining a competitive edge in business often requires rethinking assumptions and priorities.  Our third-party assessment takes an unbiased view of assets, products, processes and priorities, to unlock revenue and cost efficiency opportunities.  Our Assessment enables engagement and buy-in across the organization, while establishing a framework for Execution. 

Action Planning

Our Assessment is holistic covering a major portion or the entire business.  We bring new insights based on experience in other businesses, then synthesize and rank-order recommendations. Your individualized Action Plan extablishes goals, priorities and accountabilities to derive and sustain operational improvement, revenue enhancement and cost-efficiencies across the enterprise. 

Implementation & Execution

Our Proven Process is designed to produce targeted results through systematic implementation and rigorous execution.  This normally involves regular mentoring, check-in and monthly performance up-dates with metrics well-communicated throughout the organization.  We  support management of all the human touchpoints to ensure nothing is missed.

Operational Improvement in Andover, MA

Solutions Delivered

  • Operational Improvement & Effective Measurement

     --Whole Business

     --Products / Tech. Alignment

  • Cost & Process Improvement


     --Scaling a business

  • Post - M & A Integration
  • Business Model Redesign / Upgrade




  • Action Plan / Operating Plan


Operational Excellence in Andover, MA


System Change specializes in business assessment, operational improvement and change management.  Beyond "what to do", we focus on "how to do it," deploying highly-experienced executives as management consultants to support our client's efforts. And because of the confidence we have in our ability to achieve targeted results, we normally quote our services for a fixed time period, set of deliverables and fixed price.