High-Value Services

Our team provides a variety of services to increase performance and reduce waste at all levels of the client’s organization. These services include:

  • Management Services:  Interim CEO, COO, CTO, General Counsel
  • Management Consulting:  (1) Executive and Board Support, (2) Upgrading Business Models, Strategies, and Plans, (3) Leading System-Wide Process and Culture Change
  • Assessments:  Due Diligence, Operational, IP, and Product-Based

Impact & Results

The operational improvement strategies we implement provide us with measurable results for our clients. We follow our analysis of each client’s organization with executable actions that help clients achieve short-term and long-term goals. Our focus is on:

  • Interim Leadership & Team Development
  • Improved Focus & Execution
  • Orchestrating Transformative Changes
  • Improved Financial Results
  • Operational Excellence

      Reducing                  Complexity

Your insights into the behavior of systems and people are remarkable.  These talents coupled with your results-oriented approach make you a valuable asset indeed.

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Our Value-Add
  • Management Services
  • Management Consulting
  • Business Assessments

Organizations are often constrained by functional, project-based, and out-sourced accountabilities. Achieving operational excellence requires a multidisciplinary approach drawing all available resources together.  Our company addresses this challenge by developing a global view of the core assets and critical processes of the client’s business, as well as a lifecycle view of these same assets.  We design a leadership model that diagnoses and initiates process improvement opportunities. Executives are thereby empowered to manage their operations system-wide in ways never before obtainable.

Leadership Model in Andover, MA

System Change Leadership Model

Regardless of the industry or market, assets and processes share similar properties that we can identify in order to optimize organizational efficiency. Across even a large organization, for example, there are normally 30 core assets and 20 critical processes that determine that organization’s peak performance. By identifying and addressing these assets and processes, we provide maximized operating leverage and financial results.

What One of our Clients had to say

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Business Management Consulting in Andover, MA


At System Change, we provide business management consulting in Andover, MA, to help our clients achieve operational excellence. Our core services focus on driving organizational efficiencies for measurable results. By assessing clients’ current structures, we deliver strategic plans to maintain a competitive edge. These assessments include our unbiased, third-party examination of assets and systems that allow us to establish new priorities, unlock revenue opportunities, and resolve operational bottlenecks.


As experienced consultants, we understand how to implement specific actions that produce targeted results. Our hands-on approach ensures that all systems remain monitored and that no detail goes overlooked. Whether clients require interim leadership services or general management consulting, our work across a broad spectrum of industries has prepared us to improve turnarounds, profitability scaling, and more in any situation. With over 30 years’ experience in leadership, financial management, technology, legal counsel, and other key areas, our team is ready to take on our clients’ unique challenges.