High-Value Services

We provide management consulting and advisory services to orchestrate effective change: 

  • Management Consulting:  (1) Individual consultant, (2) Team of consultants
  • Diagnosis sets the stage for Business Modeling and Product and Operational Improvement
  • Transitional Leadership Services:  Program Lead and Interim CEO, COO, CTO, and General Counsel

   Operational Cost          Management 

Effective cost management requires operational discipline:

  • Maintain Control Systems
  • Focus on Margins
  • Understand and Reduce Direct Costs
  • Eliminate Waste throughout your Enterprise Operations
  • Limit Overhead Build

We support executives and their organizations in recharging their operational cost management and improving Return on Assets.

Your insights into the behavior of systems and people are remarkable.  These talents coupled with your results-oriented approach make you a valuable asset indeed.

       Details of this testimonial, plus others, are on our "Testimonials" page.

Our Value-Add
  • Total System Perspective
  • Asset-based Modeling
  • Proven Execution Abilities

Organizations in general and in M & A situations in particular are often constrained by financial metrics and functional, project-based, and out-sourced accountabilities. Achieving operational excellence requires a system-level approach drawing all available resources together.  Our team addresses this challenge by developing a global view of the core assets and critical processes of the client’s business, as well as a lifecycle view of these same assets.  We design and implement operational models that diagnose and initiate process and financial improvement opportunities. Executives are thereby empowered to better integrate and operate their businesses for improved asset-utilization and cost efficiency.

Leadership Model in Andover, MA

Our Systems Approach

Simplified modeling empowers executives to best lead and manage their far-flung operations:

  • Simplifying Business Operations
  • Broader Asset Management
  • Total System Perspective
  • Complexity Reduction
  • Preventing Data Management Overload

We work with executives in rethinking and prioritizing their core assets and critical processes that determine high performance 

What One of our Clients had to say

  Simplified Models Empower Businesses

Tranformational Leadership &
Change Consulting
Diagnosing Performance
Expanding Operational Efficiency 
Integrating Organization

Operational Excellence across the Whole Business 

At System Change, we provide transformational leadership and change consulting.  Our unbiased, third party systematic examination of the business enables us to diagnose and establish new priorities, achieve improved operating cost efficiencies, unlock revenue opportunities, and resolve organizational bottlenecks.


We work with CEO's, COO's and the C Suite to Drive Operational Excellence in all Parts of the Business: 

  • Are you effectively utilizing your intangible and tangible assets as well as financial assets?
  • Have you identified and optimized your critical processes?
  • Do you have a full understanding of your direct costs and product margins as well as revenue growth goals?
  • Are your Key Initiatives identified, staffed and fully funded to meet product and business timelines?
  • Are your products and technologies aligned and up-to-date to meet or exceed customer expectations?
  • Do you have the operational and financial metrics in-place to optimize business performance?
  • Are you going through a significant business, technology, product or organizational change?