Process for Operational Excellence


Maintaining a competitive edge in business often requires rethinking assumptions and priorities.  Our third-party assessment takes an unbiased view of assets, products, processes and priorities, to unlock revenue and cost efficiency opportunities.  Assessment enables engagement and buy-in across the organization, while establishing a framework for Improvement and Execution. 

Small World Modeling

Small World Models are made up of the subset of intangible and tangible assets that best emulate the physical, intellectual and social world that organizations and their people operate in.  Then operational and financial performance is depicted and managed by developing metrics and data at the critical variables depicted through Small World Modeling.

Improvement & Execution

Our Proven Process is designed to produce targeted results through systematic improvement and rigorous execution.  Your individualized Action Plan establishes near-term goals, priorities and accountabilities.  This sets the stage for regular mentoring, check-in and monthly performance up-dates with results well-communicated throughout the organization.  

Operational Improvement in Andover, MA

Solutions Delivered

  • Operational Improvement & Effective Measurement

     --Whole Business

     --Products / IP / Technology

  • Cost & Process Improvement


     --Business Unit

  • Post - M & A Integration
  • Business Model Redesign / Upgrade



     --Data & Analytics

  • Action Plan / Operating Plan


Operational Excellence in Andover, MA


System Change specializes in modeling, operational improvement and change management.  This Expertise was gained by improving performance, turning around and building a diverse number of successful businesses.  Through these experiences, our Managing Partner determined that Operational Execellence was best achieved through Process Analysis and Modeling of the Core Assets of the business End-to-End.