Your insights into the behavior of systems and people are remarkable. 

These talents coupled with your results-oriented approach make you a valuable asset indeed.  Our company has and continues to benefit from your work.  As you know, the Closed Loop in home asset management is a huge success.   Again, best wishes for your future endeavors.


Senior VP, Cable Systems Operator



You were, and are, excellent in taking charge of a major program or project managing all aspects from start to finish, working extremely hard and effectively.  I appreciated you acting as a trusted advisor to me while contributing to our firm’s repositioning as an Intellectual Property company.  I value your knowledge, skills and insight, recommending you highly as a consultant to other firms.

  CEO & President, IP-Licensing Company


You did an outstanding job for us – you established immediate rapport with top executives, IT middle managers and key consultants previously retained.  You identified our key issues, brought to bear keen insights for strategic use of technology, and communicated practical, useful recommendations in a persuasive manner.


Even more, you identified company-wide opportunities for strategic profit enhancement and efficiencies, going beyond the IT department.  In my dealings with various consultants over the years, including various big name firms, your performance was the best I have ever seen in terms of rapid delivery of an exceptionally useful product in a cost-effective manner.


VP and Deputy General Counsel,

Telecom IT Services 



I wanted to thank you for your extended services to our portfolio company.  In your second assignment with the firm, you exceeded our expectations again.  You were able to respond quickly and helped stabilize the ship, going on to make the company more efficient, improved profitability, and set in motion several important revenue-driving opportunities.


I appreciate the services you provided, and would look to use you again within our investment portfolio of companies – highly recommending you to other companies and institutional investors that are in need of executive leadership with strong business intelligence, deep financial knowledge and team leadership skills.


General Partner of Private Equity Firm



I wanted to thank you for all the work you did for our company and the mentoring you gave me personally.  Without the changes and process that you put in place, we’d be in chaos right now.  I guess one way to put it would be that you overhauled the engine and fixed some broken parts; now we are taking it onto the race track and putting it into overdrive.


CTO, Cloud IT Managed Services Provider

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